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School Rules and Expectations

Student Code Of Behavior

On the way to and from school, students will:

  • Select the safest route to school and use it daily.
  • Walk on sidewalks only and cross with the crossing guard.
  • Respect and be courteous to neighbors and their property.
  • Arrive at school no earlier than 7:50 a.m.

In the breakfast and lunch area, students will:

  • Wait quietly in the food service line without taking “cuts”
  • Use courtesy and good manners when eating; stay seated.
  • Eat snacks and food only in the lunch or snack area.  At recess, students must eat while sitting on a bench under the supervision of a yard supervisor.

(No candy, gum, chips or soda are to be brought to school). 

  • Finish all cafeteria food and drinks in the covered area at during lunch.
  • Keep the eating area clean, put trash in the proper trash cans.
  • Use conversational voices
  • Follow Directions of lunch Supervisors.

On the playground, students will:

  • Play in assigned game areas.
  • Walk except when participating in an organized game.
  • Take games and yard problems to the assigned yard supervisor.
  • When the bell rings, stop playing (freeze), walk to the line-up area, and carry equipment to the line-up area and/or equipment storage area.

At all times, students will:

  • Be courteous and respectful to adults and to other students.
  • Follow directions of ALL supervising adults.
  • Keep toys, skates, skateboards, radios, tape players, all electronic gear, including cell phones, as well as money (other than lunch money) at home.
  • Keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves.
  • Stay out of the staff parking lot.
  • Use restrooms with care, avoid loitering and wasting of tissue, soap and water.
  • Take good care of all buildings and school property. (Damages or lost of school property, including books, will be charged to the parents).

DRESS CODE- The following student dress restrictions are related to:


  • No oversized clothes
  • No valuable or oversized jewelry, belts with chains, rings, long neck chains or heavy metal buckles. 
  • No boots, sandals, high heels, and open-toe shoes.
  • No earing for male students.


  • No bare midriff or tube tops.
  • No inappropriate language or pictures on clothing.
  • No hats or sunglasses worn without the written permission of the school nurse .
  • No make-up.


  • No clothing that tends to imitate that used by gangs.


  • Obtain visitor’s pass in office before visiting any classroom.
  • Obtain early release form from the office before 2:00 p.m..
  • Never use the staff parking lot to drop off students; never block the driveway.
  • Drop off students on 112th Street; park only on the school side of the street.
  • Put students name on all sweaters, jackets, backpacks, etc.
  • Wait for students in assigned parent areas before school and at dismissal.